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Boston Trust Realty Group Commercial has worked with several cannabis-based businesses and helped to establish retail dispensary, lab testing, and manufacturing locations.

Our team is strategically prepared to take on any challenges that come with working in the cannabis industry because we have already created the blueprint with establishing a dispensary set to open in 2022 and 2023.

BTRG Commercial CEO and Co-founder, Jeff Similien, has dedicated the last 2 years working on the development of LowKey Dispensary, a black-owned marijuana dispensary in Dorchester, Massachusetts.


The members of the BTRG Commercial team worked alongside Jeff through development and contributed to the vision for LowKey Dispensary from idea to conception. They now use this experience to navigate other entrepreneurs through the rules, regulations and marketing of starting their own careers in the cannabis industry.


Building a well-informed and adaptable team is an important part of the process and BTRG Commercial’s unique specialty is a great asset for any new entrepreneur interested in getting involved in a new and thriving industry that in Massachusetts is now worth $1 billion dollars annually and continuing to grow.


get started in the cannabis industry

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