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Why You Should Bring Your Business to Mattapan

As the title of this article suggests, as a business owner you may be thinking why should I bring my business to Mattapan? For starters, there are many great reasons how you can benefit from it! Mattapan is full in history, and already sells itself as a place that is rich in community and a hope for future developments.

Mattapan is not only rich in history but heavily based in the community. Mattapan used to be a community for a Native American tribe, called Mattahunt. Overtime, it became home for many other communities like the Jewish, Irish and Haitian immigrants. Time and time again, Mattapan has proven to care deeply about the residents and has grown since then! What used to be a place for other communities, is now home to many African American and Caribbean communities.

Today, Mattapan is constantly working to make updates and improvements to the town and making it a spot for everyone to benefit from and that includes you and your business!

The Growing Need for Innovation

As a matter of fact, since the year 2015, major organizations have teamed up and created a proposal for the removal of the MBTA parking lot in Neponset River Greenway, and instead place a 10,000 square feet residential/commercial building with 135 units.

This was proposed by the Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) and the Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation, to the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA). These large community organizations saw a need for development with goals to “preserve, enhance, and grow” the Mattapan area.

The BPDA also actively approved another building project in Mattapan in the Cotewhich has been vacant for about 30 years. They will place a residential building with 76 units including a rental office and community room. There will also be 4,172 square feet of ground floor commercial space with a 12,000 square feet public plaza.

With this new change on the horizon, businesses now have the opportunity to be a part of the growing change and development. By bringing your business to Mattapan, you are investing in both the great community and your own business; reap the benefits with the changes coming to Mattapan. This is your chance for your business to join in the innovation and be apart the community!

Community leaders have even taken action to move this plan forward. However, there have been concerns about affordability for residents. Thankfully, these organizations are taking this fact into consideration by offering housing that is affordable, and are inviting people from the Mattapan community to provide input during the development process.

What Development Can Mean for Your Business

Yes, development and innovation are great — but what does this mean for you exactly? New development for Mattapan gives your business the fresh boost it needs. With new opportunities for businesses to come in, your business can attract many people around the community.

Nuestra and POAH did a study and it showed estimates for how many trips would be made throughout the day. They estimated that there would 292 retail trips and about 610 vehicle trips. They also found that an estimated 568 trips would be from public transportation and walking.

As a business, this increasingly growing and vibrant place can be a great place for your business. You will be among other businesses in a place with a high focus and love for the community. Any of these estimated trips could give more attraction and attention to your business!

Not only that but as a business, you can give your input on other projects happening in other great projects as a stakeholder. Being able to weigh in on council meetings as a member makes sure that your ideas are included and heard.

Overall, bringing your business to Mattapan can give your great opportunities to grow and immerse yourself in the changing environment.

Future Development Projects

Mattapan Station Development

Cote Village

872 Morton Street

775 Morton Street

1199–1203 Blue Hill Avenue

1601 Blue Hill Avenue Co-Pad Co-work Space

Wellington at 1301

73 River Street

Chase Bank at Mattapan Square

KIPP Academy Boston Charter School

Boston Preparatory Charter Public School

422 River Street

Let your business be apart of the many great developments happening in Mattapan. This area is waiting for a great business like yours!

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