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BTRG Commercial offers proficient investment services and effectively fosters relationships between potential investors and businesses. If you are interested in investing, we will leverage our resources and connections to find an enterprise that aligns your financial goals. This means we help garner support for our property clients by connecting them with investors who can provide more security for your business.

At BTRG Commercial we are committed to our clients and we are here to guide you through the final opening and incorporate you into our network as you continue to grow.


BTRG Commercial is here to find you the property that works best for you. Our relationship with our client means that we will find locations that fit your needs and evaluate them honestly based on what you want for your enterprise. This means negotiating and advocating for the terms that you agree on, working within your budget, and assessing each option as if we were making the decision for ourselves.


BTRG Commercial does not just work for you, we partner with you throughout the commercial leasing process.


One of our core principles at BTRG Commercial is that we want to simplify the process for you, and this includes managing and evaluating the value of your property. We take an in-depth look at the market demand and create a high-level analysis of your listing and how to market it to the business you are looking for. We will build a strategy from your goals and our market analysis and make a plan for your property that will benefit you the most.


BTRG Commercial will delve into our research and connections to make sure you come out with the best deal on your terms.

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